An article "Letzter Ausweg: Suizid" featured in

There is an urgent need to create mechanisms to empower widows in Yavatmal and Vidarbha, and give them the support they need to pick up the pieces of their lives and move forward. However, such initiatives are rare. One of the few such projects for the welfare of the helpless women is run by Watershed Organisation Trust (WOTR) and its sister organization Sampada Trust.

WOTR's article "Plasticulture: Should we continue with it?" featured in Terra Green, August 2018 issue

Plasticulture is the application of plastics in agricultural cultivation and is fast becoming the most sought-after technique to augment farm yields and farm income. But, there is also a flip side as dangerous toxins released from the polyethylene film can remain in the soil for centuries leading to intense plastic pollution in the agricultural domain.

Chance for Girls Project

We are delighted to share with you a booklet titled "You gave me a chance", which covers the work done by WOTR under the 'Chance for girls project' in 344 villages of Maharashtra. The project was done in collaboration with the Germany-based Becker-Cordes Stiftung and the Rotary Clubs of Hagenn-Lenne & Lippetal.

Crop planning-a step towards climate resilient agriculture

In Maharashtra over the last many years, there has been a shift from food crops to cash crops. In this article, in Leisa India, our researcher Anuradha Phadare explains how this shift poses a risk to the food security of farmers, and brings out that crop planning can play a role in ensuring food and nutrition security and ensure greater resilience to climate change.