Biodiversity Newsletter

There are a bunch of Doomsday Prophets and ‘Green’ Proponents telling all who wish or do not wish to listen that we are creating a huge problem on planet Earth.

Humans are polluting, degrading, depleting and annihi lating living and non-living elements of the Earth (that we term ‘ resources ’ ) and are playing dangerous games with the very delicate balance that allows this planet to s upport lif e f orms (at leas t, the kind we know and are us ed to. ) “But I only play PSP games ?” “Here ‘ games ’ means , messing with stuff . ”  “Oh…

So ti ll a couple of centuries back, humans had more reverence than technological prowes s and this kind of wanton exploitation didn’ t happen s o much. But now the bulldozer of Globalis ation, with its desire to fulfi infinitely growing demands or growth, has no regard whats oever f or natural beauty, other lif e f orms , or even communities and groups of people with lesser material power

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