Assessing Vulnerability to Climate Change for Development Planning

Monday, January 30, 2017 - 9:30am to Thursday, February 2, 2017 - 5:30pm

Climate Change (CC) and extreme weather variation is being experienced by all of us today. These changes threaten food production, water availability, increase human and animal health problems, impact natural ecosystems, increase risk of disasters and catastrophes. While climate change adaptation is becoming a buzz word, how does a planner understand and assess the various aspects of vulnerability within a village, and include these into project design? To assess the vulnerability factor, WOTR has developed a tool called “CoDriVE – PD” which stands for "Community Driven Vulnerability Evaluation - Programme Designer" based on over two decades of developmental experience in India
CoDriVE-PD (Programme Designer) is a recombinant tool which adopts a system that generates a quantitative vulnerability code that grades their vulnerability to climate impacts; enabling planners and practitioners to prioritise and plan for adaptive measures and interventions. The training aims to provide a detailed perspective of the importance and impact of vulnerability to Climate Change. It gives a fair understanding of how to anticipate and assess vulnerability with respect to CoDriVE- PD Tool incorporating theoretical as well as practical approach.
The web-based version of the tool facilitates the easy, rapid, and large-scale application. It has been developed to enable processing and analysis of key data for generating the vulnerability profile, while pointing to situation-specific adaptive actions that are required
Group work, case study discussions, field visits, audio visuals, presentations etc. The course will be conducted in English and Hindi / Marathi.
This vulnerability tool can be useful to development planners, implementers, donors, researchers and project supporters.
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