Water Budgeting and it's Application to the Ground

Monday, February 13, 2017 - 9:30am to Thursday, February 16, 2017 - 4:30pm

Water is one of the most precious natural resource of our earth and life depends on water. Unfortunately, there is the general understanding that natural resources are infinite, hence the indiscriminate use and an over exploitation of water leading to this freshwater fast becoming scarce. With climate change and the increasing frequency of droughts, water stress has become a real and serious threat. As a result, per capita freshwater availability in India is drastically reduced to 1545 cubic meters/ per year, which is much below the limit of global standard (1700 cubic meter/per year) for announcing the country as water stressed. Hence, we frequently witness different types of conflicts at different scale for accessing freshwater
In response, various stakeholders – Community Based Organizations (CBOs), NGOs, government agencies and even the corporate sector are undertaking natural resources regeneration and watershed development measures across the country on a large scale and much money is allocated for it. But concerns of the sustainability of the interventions still linger. The challenge remains: How do we manage this scarce resource? How can we meet the domestic and productive needs of water?
This Training program is meant to expose and familiarize participants with the concept of Water Budgeting, its importance and required process to implement it at grass root level. This will give in-depth thought and guideline for managing this precious and finite water resource at grass root level.
Exercise/games, Group work, s, field visits, audio visuals, role plays, presentations etc. The course will be conducted in English and Hindi / Marathi.
Practitioners who design or implement or monitor water management projects, especially focusing on crop-water management, drinking water security and community based management of water resource.
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