Nearly a third of India’s land needs restoration: Degraded soils cannot support lives

India has declared that it will restore 21 million hectares of degraded land, including wasteland, forest and agricultural land. This can be done only through sustainable land management, combating droughts and restoring forests. In this article published in The Third Pole, WOTR's Arjuna Srinidhi desribes the work done by WOTR over the years, and suggests that the only way to restore India’s degraded lands is with strong community-level engagement and providing evidence-based inputs for replication and scaling.

These drought-proof villages of Maharashtra have lessons to offer

Maharashtra is currently reeling under drought, however there are some villages which are faring better, thanks to efforts to promote water conservation and efficiency. In that light, we are happy to showcase, that The Week, one of India's top magazines has covered the work WOTR has done in Jalna, to make villages 'drought proof'.

Special feature 'Paani ka Passbook: How drought-hit Marathwada villages are budgeting every drop' published in the Forbes India Magazine

In the light of increasing water scarcity in the rural and urban areas, demand-side water management with improvements in its governance have become essential. Recognising this need, WOTR introduced the Water Stewardship Initiative (WSI) in 2015, which is currently operational in over 100 villages of Maharashtra and Telangana. To translate the concept of 'water management at community level' into 'on-ground water management practices' is challenging.

World Environment Day

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Our respect for mother Earth and our environment is reflected through our personal choices and the decisions we make. We need to think and act upon ‘mindful consumer behaviour’. Let this ‘World Environment Day’ be a starting point to contemplate our behaviour and carry out necessary actions for the wellbeing of our planet and environment.
Seven Billion Dreams. One Planet. Consume with Care.
WOTR wishes the world Happy Environment Day 

Gender Dimensions of Climate Change Adaptation

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This is an exploration of perceptions of women and community regarding Climate Change.

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Agriculture market price fluctuations, changing livestock systems and Vulnerability Connect

A Case-study of Mhaswandi village in Maharashtra, India, it traces the impacts of livestock changes and its connect of agriculture and markets.

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