Swarajyachya Watevar

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(Marathi, VCD,  28 Mins)

The growth and Prosperity of any Country is relatively dependent on overall development of the villages of that country. The term village development means natives control on the local resources. After implementing such independent system ownership should remain with the native people this is the most important idea behind this. The film: Swarajyachya Vatever tells us about the local leadership and the process of establishing the organization.

Vastavatun Shikshan (Relearning From Reality)

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(Marathi, VCD, Time: 24 mins.)

In March 2004, Watershed Organisation Trust (WOTR) in collaboration with the Karl Kubel Foundation, Germany and the international Foundation for Agriculture and Development, Italy organized an Exposure and Dialogue Programme (EDP).

The EDP which is actually an immersion into the lives of the rural people helps the participants to get “first hand” experience of the life of the people. This helps them to understand how people perceive their own situation with respect to natural resources conservation. This turn helps the policy makers and practitioners formulate relevant and appropriate developmental policies and strategies.

Apali Pragati Aplya Hati

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(Marathi,  VCD, 22 Mins)

The documentary “Apli Pragati Aplya Hati” demonstrates us about, what is watershed development? What are its various components and their relationship with each other? about the watershed area development process and its various advantages along with the FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) about watershed development area from the rural areas in details.