Rabau Panlot Sukh Alot

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(Marathi, VCD, 42 Mins)

The Documentary film “Rabau Panlot sukh Alot”  is a wonderful experience to watch, how entire village unanimously coming together gets resolved to find solution to personal, social ,political and economical issues of the village. Each villager from every smallest village contributed in rejuvenating of the ecosystem through Watershed development programme.

Gavat Laxmi Aali

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(Marathi, VCD, 30 Mins)

“GavatLaxmiAali.” An inspirational story of Venubai gives us insight into how Venubai has transformed the situation with the help of self help Group. This film emphasizes the capability of women to bring economical as well as social transformation in the society. If proper saving habits are inculcated among established SHGs, every household can become rich and ultimately entire village could get a face lift.


Kadar Mulichi Anandi Sansarachi

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(Marathi, VCD, 34  Mins)

In Indian rural areas especially female child birth is not a cherishable matter even today. A female, who makes life worth living and spreads happiness in family and society, is capable of effectively contributing in financial development of the society as well as plays vital role in giving emotional support especially in crises. When it matters about the gender partnership, women are always ahead in society. The film “Kadar Mulichi Anandi Sansarachi “demonstrates this with example.



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(Marathi, VCD, 15 mins)

Women are the care providers, of all but their own self. Sarvodaya (Rise of the New Dawn) traces the women empowerment program in 150 villages about realizing their true potential. With Sampada Trust, they receive training in entrepreneurship to manage small scale businesses from selling bangles to dried fish, to preparing manure and selling it. It is the Self – Help groups that make the difference, in their confidence levels. As a collective group their outshine darkness all around them. It is like “The lamp is mine but the light is oursâ€


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(Marathi, VCD, 14 mins)

The face and fate of the tiny hamlet of Purushwadi in the Sahyadri mountain ranges has changed completely thanks to the Watershed Development Programme. Success of the program can be attributed to the villagers participation in watershed related activities under the guidance of WOTR. Now that the balance of forest, soil and water has been restored the nature is blossoming in the village again.