Enkindled Hope, Resurgent Spirits

(English;VCD; 21 mins)

The successful implementation of a Watershed Development Program not only improves local water resources and agriculture activity but also improves social cohesion, helps the women’s sector, micro finance etc through the “watershed plus” activities. The self help groups of the women give them a space to come together, discuss their problems, hopes and work out ways ahead collectively.

For many of the women, the SHG gave them the opportunity to step out of their houses, experience the world outside their own villages and built up their self esteem and confidence. All these are the steps on the road to empowerment.

This film is the compilation of the experiences of many such women who have found strength in the unity and solidarity of their groups. While they have come far, they have dreams of taking up bigger and bigger challenges in the future – with the assured support of their groups.