The Silent Unfolding

(English, DVD, 20 mins)

In 1996, a weary, drought ravaged Darewadi, turned towards Watershed Development as a last resort. They had not much to lose, for they had lost nearly everything to the devastating drought which had an extended stay in that region.The Watershed Development project implemented by the Watershed Organisation Trust (WOTR) Ahmednagar was completed by 2002. Since then Darewadi has never looked back. WOTR has a few hundred successful Darewadis in its ever growing portfolio of projects. Projects which aim at eradicating rural poverty by regenerating the environment and addressing developmental issues in rural areas in a professional, no-nonsense approach.

“The Silent Unfolding” is not just about the transformation of one village. It is about the philosophy and approach adopted by WOTR which is creating a silent revolution, a movement by the people themselves for their development and progress.