Wasundhara: New Vistas New Directions

(English, DVD, 45  mins)

WOTR’s Wasundhara Guidelines and its various successful facets was an ideal methodology to take up the challenge of breaking into new territories of Madhya Pradesh for the WOTR team. For this, we chose 8 villages from 3 districts of Madhya Pradesh. Community organisation, capacity building, engendering full, institutionalized participation of the people into the various aspects of Watershed Development were some of the key noteworthy features of the project.

The success is reflected in how this is now established into an institutionalized framework and has become a way of life in these 8 villages. Wasundhara: New Vistas New Directions traces the beginnings, follows the project implementation in its entirety and tells the story of these experiences that can go towards strengthening initiatives for empowering villages not only in Madhya Pradesh but also in the many villages of India.