Chaluya Swawlambanachhya Vatevar


(Marathi,  VCD, 40 Mins)

In India, where Poverty, drought Loan, migration being a long tell, the message that, Nothing on this Earth can stop women when she decides to transform the situation, is well conveyed through the film

“Chaluya Swawlambnachya Vatevar”The film begins with women’s decision to step out of house and form SHGs through which they discover and share new things. While supporting each other, this is just the beginning of their long voyage towards self reliance. Creating various Savings source as a substitute for the moneylenders to avail loans might be the first step toward this journey.This entire process of building SMS benefits the village women in many dimensions /aspects. Through this women not only learn to solve their problem fearlessly at their end but also they very well understand that coming together might prove helpful in solving their problems related to village development and also give them courage to face social inequality. No doubt women had taken a big leap towards Self Help though miles to go yet…….WOTR had been always besides these women through the journey.