Maharashtratil Panlot Samitiche Anubhav (Experiences of VWC in Maharashtra)


(Marathi, VCD, 26 Mins)

In the implementation of a watershed development project, the Watershed Committee has an important role to play. The more representative, transparent and efficient is the Watershed Committee, the better is the quality of the watershed work and the overall development of the village. Through its more than ten years of work, the Watershed Organisation Trust (WOTR) has been able to establish many such watershed committees throughout the State of Maharashtra. Experiences of Watershed Committee members on important issues like watershed development, village development, women’s empowerment etc. are depicted in this video film. Members of the watershed committee have shared their views about the efforts made, difficulties faces, solutions explored, their achievements and also failures. The video explores different issues and situations, changes that occurred from self centered attitudes to owning social responsibility, the relationship between natural resources conservation and daily village life, consequences of leadership etc. The beauty of this video is that the Watershed Committee members themselves are at centre stage. They express themselves, their new perception, experiences in their own earthy and inimitable style.