Panlotavarchi Ajab Shaala (Our School on the Watershed)


(Marathi, VCD, 16 Mins)

The successful implementation of a Watershed Development Program not only improves local water resources and agricultural activity but also enhances social cohesion, helps in women’s development, etc. through the ‘watershed plus’ activities. However, in Gunjalwadi, a small village near Sangamner (Dist. Ahmednagar), Watershed Development directly affected the lives of the students of its school and how! The school led by its dedicated teachers has revolutionized the concept of  ’hands on’ education with its enthusiastic students. The students have not only learned about watershed development but have actively taken part in developing the area around their school. These activities are entirely managed by the students and they have developed a self sustaining model from funds raised by working on the Watershed Project. Here is an example for all schools, of how the subject of environment can be taught to students playfully but effectively and how we can nurture responsible future citizens.