Samruddhichya Vatevar [On the path of the Prosperity]


(Marathi, VCD, 31 mins)

Samruddhichya Vatevar translates into English as “On the Path of Prosperity”.  It documents the vivid transformation in the lives of the villagers of Hiware and Chimthalwal in Maharashtra brought about due to the implementation of watershed activities initiated by WOTR. While it explains the process of watershed development through its two phases of capacity building and execution, it also focuses on how the ground reality of the villages changes from barren and infertile patches of land to fertile regions capable of producing up to two crops a year. Alongside watershed development there takes place related progress through the empowerment of women, the setting up of self help groups and health care. It also highlights the importance of voluntary labour (shramdaan) that ultimately helps in leading the villages to a status of self sufficiency and even prosperity. Both Hiware and Chimthaval have experienced reverse migration and witnessed a leap in entrepreneurship because of watershed projects. Visually captivating, the film also includes firsthand accounts of farmers and enterprising women whose lives have undergone a tremendous change for the better.