Vaijubabulgaon: Katha Parivartanachi [Vaijubabulgaon: A story of transformation]

(Marathi, VCD, 41mins)

Integrated watershed development brings with it a drastic transformation in the face of a village. It not only regenerates natural resources, it also brings alive the watershed community who have come together, often for the first time, to work unitedly for own development.

In VaijuBabulgaon (Taluka Pathardi, District Ahmednagar), despite three consecutive years of severe drought, the village still had sufficient water for drinking and for their animals. This is their story in their own words telling of the process they went through, their understanding of the work and the  transformation it brought about in their lives. The film will serve as useful awareness generation and training material for new entrants into the field of watershed development wishing to take up similar activities in their own areas.