(Marathi,  VCD,  45 Mins)

While retrospecting upon the progress achieved in the village active villagers cherish their memories and enjoy the developmental changes occurred at Wadgaon in district Aurangabad, where none of the villagers knew about even ABC of the Watershed Project. Because of Loksathi Pratishtans lead all villagers decided to implement the Watershed development work in Wadgaon. The film “Wadgaon :Kimya Panlotachi” systematically discloses the secret of success of the project. Right from seeking permission from forest department up to implementation of the project it’s a magnificent experience to watch how this small village got transformed itself in a progressive one through the watershed work . To list some of the advantages  the village has gained out of watershed project are: ban on alcohol, repayment of loan, awareness and confidence, conscious concretization of envisioned plans, increased crop production.