Group Micro irrigation: A study of Telangana Farmers

Under the current regime of climate change and increasing frequency and intensity, the water resources in semi-arid areas have come under a lot of pressure. In the study area of Talakondapally of the Rangareddy district, groundwater levels have been dropping under low rainfall, droughts and dry spells. This has necessitated that the farmers in the area adapt to the changing conditions through an efficient and coordinated use of water rather than privatisation of and competition for water in agriculture. The sharing of available water resources between farmers reduces establishment and input cost along with access to subsidies for setting up drip systems under the intervention. The amount saved in establishment and input costs is also then supplemented by water-use efficiency, water saving and better crop productivity. The current study aims to establish the benefits of pooling water resources for agriculture and understand the factors which contribute to the change in the understanding of the ownership of water from a private resource to a common pool resource.

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