Publication on Water Stewardship Initiative


Presently, India is suffering from the worst water crisis in its history. The situation in the state of Maharashtra is particularly distressing. The situation is getting worse despite of the different legislations are in place,. This adverse situation is not only due to poor rainfall, but largely due to the absence of an effective mechanism at all levels for effective demand side management to govern water-use at all level. To address this situation, WOTR launched a Water Stewardship Initiative in 100 rain-dependent villages in Maharashtra with objective to sensitise communities about the causes of their fragile “water health” status; develop a pedagogy to nudge them towards more efficient harvesting and use of water, and evolve a set of governance practices and mechanisms to manage water, especially groundwater, more sustainably. This book 'A Step Towards Quenching Rural India’s Thirst: Experiences and Learnings from the Water Stewardship Initiative in Maharashtra' presents the highlights of approach and strategies adopted as well as lessons learnt from this initiative. Practitioners and policy makers may find it useful and relevant to expand these practices across arid and semi-arid regions.

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