Eco Logic Newsletter-May-2011

       “In an unbalanced world, spirituality needed"          We have killed our Girl Cells, said Eve Ensler (of V agina Monologues fame), passionately in a recent TED Talk given in Mysore. “We have now come to live in a world where the most extreme forms of violence, the most horrific poverty , the genocides, the mass rapes, the destruction of the earth, is completely out of control – and because we've suppressed our girl cells and suppressed our girlship, we do not feel what is going on, so we are not being charged with the adequate response to what is happening.” From the suppression of our empathetic feminine side, we find ourselves as a civilization that has lost all connection to Wasundhara. Mother Earth. The Feminine.
                 Being connected and contented comes from being Whole. Truth, justice, compassion, co-operation comes from the wisdom that comes from being Whole. Awisdom that brings with it pluralism, diversity, and respect for the other. Today , we are a world gone berserk – unconnected, unbalanced, and skewed by excessive want, consumption, power, control, and domination. We are slowly annihilating everything around, much in danger of annihilating even ourselves. What then is the Answer? The answer, as Bob Dylan says, is blowing in the wind. We need only to pause, to deeply listen, reflect, and see.
                 At an individual level we need to withdraw within ourselves, we need to go on an inward journey that will help us to reinstate the feminine/the spirit/the heart within us. We need to open ourselves to the feminine side all of us have – we need to become Whole. At a social level, too, we need to go within – to our roots, to our communal support systems, to the innate cultural wisdom and take up once again the power and responsibility of decision-making, governance and self-sufficiency . It is not as if local communities haven't, in the past or in the present, taken matters in their own hands. They have and they continue doing so. Theseprocesses however go undocumented, often unnoticed and remain unconnected. They need to become a way-of-living.
                 They have to become part of the Collective Conscious, the morphogenetic blueprints, as Rupert Sheldrake called them. Now that Copenhagen has failed and Cancun didn't go much further, it is time to get to work without much ado. We need to eliminate our dependence on “them” and squarely bring the action back to “us”. The Feminine needs to come back, to work on the basics, on empathy and passion and care, as women have done for millennia. We need to move towards local selfsufficiency . We need to stop the damage and plug the leaks at local levels, which is what we do at WOTR. In this issue of our newsletter we carry a few such stories. Dropadi's as much as Lata's stories stand as symbolic examples of a self-empowering Feminine. Similarly , WOTR's initiatives in Khahma, MPand Rajesh Gupta's initiatives in Khandwa, MP , are expressions of an empathetic, nurturing Feminine. Mihir's angst on Peak Oil and Girish's observations of the changes in the bio-diversity bring our attention to humanity's deteriorating connection with Wasundhara, with Mother Nature All of these stories point in one direction – that we need to not just adapt but to mutate! Spiritually mutate. We need today a progressive spirituality .  Active. Strong. Alive. We need a malefemale combine. 

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