Expert System for Project Appraisal and Verification

This software checks the Net Plan once it is fed in. It checks cost per hectare, land class v/s land use, treatments in proposed land use, length, cross section and cost of treatments, number of plants to be planted, number of units proposed.  This reduces mistakes in planning and subsequently the time lag between proposal submission and sanctioning, since Gat/Survey number-wise scrutiny is done by this software. This checking is done according to the schedule of cost and treatments sanctioned for each land use.

This software offers online help to the user while entering data, concerning the various technical terms used.  According to the proposed land use, a cost estimation summary is generated for implementation of the treatments.  It automatically generates a query/checklist for variations or inconsistencies that exists in proposal. It is used at the program level for sanctioning purposes and can also be adopted for the project level in order to prepare problem free and consistent project proposals.