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Food is about agriculture, about ecology , about (wo)man's relationship with nature ... about nation-building, cultural struggles, friends and enemies ... and at times, even about sex said the food expert   Mark Kurlansky . And he couldn't have been more right.  In  our own experiences, upon deep reflection, we see that  food for mind,  food  for  the  body ,  and  the  food  for  spirit  drive  the  human  struggle  for  meaningful  existence. As  we  step  into  2013,  having  survived  the  2012-hoo-ha  about  a  world  coming  to  an  end  (chuckle),  we  celebrate Makar  Sankran,  celebrated  every  year  on  the  14th  of  January .  It  marks  the  beginning  of  the  harvesting season. Celebrated as a season of plenty , a season connected intrinsically with Food, this festival has various names all over the  country .  Pongal in  T amil Nadu, Bhogali Bihu in  Assam, Maghi in  Haryana, Shishur Saenkraat in  the  Kashmir  Valley  and  Pithey  in  Bengal.  (Aside:  Archeological  surveys  also  reveal  that  the  Mayans  also celebrated  a  similar  kind  of  festival  –  which  would  make  it  a  6000-year-old  style  of  celebration!). Our NewslePer  celebrates  this  time along  with the  food-growers  (and  the  food-consumers  !)all  over  the  world by  focussing  upon  this  very  basic  need  –  FOOD  –  as  we  step  into  the  20th  year  of  our  existence  as  an organisation. We bring you a baskeRul of goodies – our very own Position Paper on Food & Nutrition Security , socio-cultural reflections on food, how food can become a vehicle of empowerment…  and not to miss – a local recipe!

A  Happy  New  Y ear  to  you…  may  this  year  be  a  body ,  mind,  and  spirit  fulfilling  one  for  one  and  all.

-  Editor

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