GIS based household analysis

Socio-economic database consist of each household details in attribute form. These data items are processed and analyzed using desktop-based tool. However, a web enabled tool is designed and develop to show each households details on map. Each household from respective village is marked on cadastral map (using GPS locations or digitized manually). The household is given same ID as of given in socio-economic database. Identical household ID links geometry with attribute details and enables user to access various themes on cadastral map such as:

  • Existing gross land holding of the families
  • Estimate of existing and post development agriculture production (for the major cropping sequence) of families
  • Livestock resources available with the family
  • Energy requirements of the family
  • Family income from agriculture and allied services
  • Family Income from non-agriculture services
  • Plot belongs to which family (and vice versa), etc.

The customized query generation tool helps user to analyze existing socio-economic data in any manner and represent the analysis on cadastral map.

This feature could enable user to analyze family to cluster level socio-economic data as required.