GIS Services offered by WOTR

WOTR’s team can undertake detailed studies using GIS and RS technologies:

1. Impact Assessment/ Evaluation of Watershed Projects

Individual plot level analyses of a watershed: assessment of landuse changes, soil properties, groundwater level and water spread area, common property resources, etc.

2. Periodic monitoring of Watershed projects during implementation:

  • Soil properties for selected plots
  • Crop changes of selected plots where major changes are expected
  • Well mapping and seasonal water level monitoring 
  • Common Property Resources / Plantation / Vegetatiion cover mapping

3. Crop Mapping and Monitoring

  • Crop growth monitoring
  • Farm-wise actual crop production
  • Area under particular crop
  • Fertilizers used for particular crop in a plot
  • Season-wise crop variations

4. Mapping of Watershed projects for Detailed Project Reports /Feasibility Study Reports:

Generating various georeferenced maps, mandatory for the different project proposals with thematic maps of:

  • Land Capability Classes
  • Proposed Land Use
  • Slope
  • Soil Depth
  • Erodability
  • Soil Texture
  • Phasing for implementation, etc.

For details contact:

Ajay Shelke –