WOTRian of the month

Anuradha Phadtare

‘I was born in Satara, and grew up there. My father was a businessman; Although we own land I had no exposure to agriculture at all. I was a carefree student, and loved hanging out with friends. I was not much interested in academics. My Principal was concerned about my academic performance so he informed my father about it I studied till Class XII in Satara.

Vandana Patekar

Vandana Patekar is currently a Deputy Manager (Social) at our Regional Resource Centre in Aurangabad, Maharashtra. She has been with WOTR since 2000.She shares her story in September's 'WOTRian of the month'.

Romit Banerjee

Romit Banerjee has been with WOTR since 2010. He has joined WOTR as Social Officer and is now Assistant Manager at our Regional Resource Centre in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh. A graduate of XIDAS Jabalpur, he shares with us his story in our 'WOTRian of the month'.

Sibaprasad Sahu

I was born on May 5, 1979 in the district of Kendrapara, Odisha. My father was a clerk and my mother a housewife. As we grew up in a joint family, we had lots of interaction with all family members. After doing my schooling in Odia medium, I went to the city of Bhubaneshwar, and did my BA and MA in History from the famous Utkal University. Typically, students of MA History try for civil services but owing to personal reasons, I chose not to go in for that.

Premsagar Tasgaonkar

‘I was born in 1985 in the town of Satara. My father was a controller in the MSRTC and my mother a homemaker. My father spent more time in Mahabaleshwar, due to its salubrious and pleasant climate. At that time, as a child, I realised that a difference in climate could make such an impact in someone’s life. My father was used to the cool climate of Mahabaleshwar and so never liked to spend too much time at his hometown due to the climate.

Sujaya Dangwar

‘I was born and brought up in the city of Bhubaneshwar, the capital of Odisha. Though hailing from a small remote village in Jharkhand’s Gumla district, the village of Rampur, I grew up in an urban environment till my graduation. So my upbringing was very urban, and like any typical city kid. However, being originally from a small village I had an idea from a young age about the issues and challenges of the rural areas of the country.

Hemant Pinjan

‘I grew up in a colony of the Hindustan Antibiotics Ltd. (HAL), which had all the facilities that one could ask for like a school, sports ground, shopping centre, health centre and so on. I had a wonderful childhood, growing up with boys and girls from different states of India. As HAL was a PSU, families from Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Bengalis and Maharashtrians all lived together happily. We celebrated dandiya, Ganpati and all community festivals.