Lead Researcher

The Watershed Organisation Trust (WOTR) is a non-profit that engages at the intersection of practice, policy and knowledge with a strong Research-into-Use (RiU) focus. The ​trans-disciplinary work that WOTR engages in, cuts across Climatology, Adaptation to Climate Change, Adaptive Sustainable  Agriculture, Agro-Meteorology, Economics, Sociology, Hydrogeology, Integrated Water Resources Management (including Watershed Management and Water Stewardship), Governance and Institutional Development. Trans-disciplinary Applied Research is conducted through the WOTR Centre for Resilience Studies (W-CReS).  More details are available at: http://wotr.org/wotr-centre-resilience-studies-w-cres

​W-CReS is looking for a Lead Researcher with interdisciplinary competencies and strong networks across fields. He or she should have experiences with working international agencies and have executed projects. The scholar is expected to be proficient in quantitative and/or qualitative skills and be willing to work with and guide young researchers in the organization. The candidate should have a background in Economics/ Development Studies/ Sociology/ Anthropology/ Institutional and/ or Behavioural Economics/ Hydrogeology/ Agro-Meteorology / Agriculture Science with excellent academic track record.
Education qualifications & Experience:

  • PhD in any of the following fields:

a)    Economics/ Behavioural Economics
b)    Development Studies
c)     Sociology
d)     Anthropology
e)      Institutional
f)      Hydrogeology
g)     Agro-Meteorology
h)     Agriculture Science  Studies
i)      Natural resource management, Development Studies, or other relevant fields.

  • 8-12 years of Research Experience post PhD.
  • Should be experienced in conducting qualitative and quantitative research.
  • Publications in peer reviewed journals ( International and National).
  • Experienced in working with international agencies and have executed projects.

Job Responsibilities:

  •  Comfortable in working with a diverse group of researchers from various backgrounds and also be able to lead a team.
  •  Promote and facilitate leading-edge research, including collaborative and interdisciplinary research, in areas related to the goals of the Organization.
  •  Develop networks between the research Centre and researchers in the field in the public and private sectors, locally, nationally and internationally.
  •  Wherever applicable, developing mutually beneficial linkages with other organizations to develop partnerships for collaborative research.
  •  Effectively manage the research plan and ensure that accepted standards of  research and ethical behavior are met.
  •  To help build and maintain WOTR’s reputation as a research institution. Develop and advise on research design and methodology.
  •  Guide a team of researchers, work closely with the management team and knowledge product development groups, in order to develop and strengthen the organization’s scientific and innovative position.

Communications and Networking:

  •  Represent the organization at WOTR’s own and external events.
  •  Produce a wide range of written outputs including high‐quality, well targeted research policy briefs, papers and other outputs.
  •  Publish research outputs in reputed peer reviewed journals; generate quality research reports, research briefs and policy briefs.
  •  Transfer knowledge to society through outreach (e.g. collaborative research, seminars, workshops, lectures, websites, publications) and, where applicable, through technology transfer             (e.g. collaborative research; contract work; and commercialization of intellectual property).
  • Manage staff and associates working on research projects.
  • Update the management throughout the delivery of projects, including formal reporting.
  • Develop, deliver and assist the organization’s high‐profile scientific communication tasks.

Salary: Negotiable with experience, qualification and publications.

Application procedure

Interested candidates whose profiles match the above requirements may send their CVs by email to hr@wotr.org