Muster Preparation

Muster sheet is the basic document of any work done in the watershed. Accounts are kept on the basis of Muster payments. Musters need to be summarised and analysed for preparation of further reports. Preparation of these reports manually requires lots of time and effort (Approximately 5-6 persondays are required for preparing a muster sheet of 100 labourers working for 2 weeks).

WOTR has developed a very user-friendly software for Muster Sheet Preparation. It can be used in the regional language at local level. Using this data various registers can be printed, for e.g.

  1. Muster Sheet
  2. Muster Summary
  3. Labour Bill Book
  4. Measurement Book
  5. Gat/Survey number-wise Register
  6. Landuse-wise Work Register

The work done entry needs to be done only once and the data is then transferred to all the above-mentioned registers. This helps to reduce the clerical workload of the site personnel. The software produces work related reports on just a single click, reducing monotonous and tedious tasks, thus freeing the staff for other more important work. This is used at project level.