News Digest - December 2018

WOTR turns 25 on December 20th, 2018! 

Participates in International Dialogue series in Berlin, Germany organized by GIZ

"New Ideas in Development Cooperation"

As WOTR completes 25 years of work in the areas of Water resources, sustainable land management and climate resilient agriculture, co-founder Crispino Lobo reflects on "What kind of agriculture do we need if we are to comply with the SDGs, meet the climate action targets and feed the world?"

This discussion was part of the event ‘Global warming of 1.5 degrees - The end of farming in arid areas? A response from India' from the series 'New Ideas in Development'. Dr Claudia Warning who heads the Directorate-General for the Middle East, Asia, Latin America and South-Eastern and Eastern Europe at the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and Crispino Lobo (WOTR) were the panelists for this event in Berlin, Germany.  Read more
As an observer to the UNFCCC negotiations and a premier research, policy and practice oriented institution in the sector, WOTR brings to you its curtain-raiser on the upcoming global climate meet. Read our blog by Senior Researcher Arjuna Srinidhi to know more about the event, and what is at stake for developing countries like India. Read more
WOTR Centre for Resilience Studies (W-CReS) gets recognition for setting a “high benchmark in demand led research” in the field of climate change adaptation

WOTR was invited to the Lima Adaptation Knowledge Initiative’s Knowledge to Action Lab 20-21 November 2018 in New Delhi organized by the Global Development Network in collaboration with ICIMOD, Oxfam, GIZ India, UNFCCC and UN Environment. The aim of the workshop was to define a strategy and develop the tools to close knowledge gaps in the Hindukush-Himalayan (HKH) subegion and downstream countries (South and Southeast Asia).  Specifically, WOTR contribution in the lab was to highlight knowledge gaps for semi-arid areas of India and demonstrate scalable models to address evidence based solutions to meet the adaptation needs of the region.  Read more
A story of how motivation changes people's perceptions and drives community action' focuses on how rural communities can face the challenges posed by climatechange, rainfall variability and declining groundwater levels. This ASSAR publication specifically focuses on the Sangamner block of Maharashtra's Ahmednagar district but it is relevant to other semi-arid and water starved regions in the world. This illustrated story of change described how communities have recognised their potential to manage the water issues that face them in their daily lives. Read more
WOTR in News

Villagers get lesson on sharing groundwater

Equitable and efficient sharing of water at village level is essential, especially in the rain-dependent dryland regions of India, like Marathwada. WOTR has been promoting village level water management in this region through water budgeting and water literacy. We are delighted to share with you an article in Pune Mirror on this initiative.  Read more
We are delighted to inform you that Marathi newspaper Pudhari has covered our work in the village of Sarole Pathar, in Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra. WOTR has played a key role in mobilizing the community of Sarole Pathar through its Climate Change Adaptation Project and Water Stewardship Initiative. At a time when many parts of rural Maharashtra are facing severe water scarcity, thanks to water budgeting, the village of Sarole Pathar has managed to conserve adequate water for its needs. No water tanker (government or private) is providing water in the village while on the other hand, nearby hamlets are totally dependent on water tankers. Read more
Islands of survival-or more?

We are delighted to present to you a discussion between our Senior Researcher Arjuna Srinidhi and Elvira Greiner of Andheri Hilfe-Bonn, in the German magazine, Sudesian. The discussion focuses on the challenges posed by climate change, the issue of farmer suicides in India and how agriculture can be made more resilient to climate change. This interview was held in the context of the Talanoa Dialogue at #COP23 that was held in Bonn, Germany in November 2017.  Read more
The role of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and how it is socially beneficial programs and practices into a corporation’s business model and culture. The concept of Corporate Social Responsibility addresses a diverse range of topics such as agriculture, human rights, corporate governance, health and safety, environment and economic development. The editorial published in the daily 'States Times', Jammu,   describes investment in agriculture as one of the most effective strategies for reducing hunger and promoting sustainability. It also gives information on an initiative, ’Assistance to the Farmer’  in which the private sector Housing and Development Finance Corporation (HDFC) Bank provided assistance to farmer for soil and water conservation, water management, construction, renovation and maintenance of water harvesting structures for improving surface and ground water availability. Maharashtra are facing severe water scarcity, thanks to water budgeting, the village of Sarole Pathar has managed to conserve adequate water for its needs. Read more
WOTR Films

This village in India accounts for every drop of water

We are delighted to inform you that DTE magazine has featured our work in Kumbharwadi, where we have implemented water budgeting as part of the Water Stewardship Initiative. The aim of Water Stewardship is to ensure effective demand side management of water. At a time when many parts of Maharashtra are facing the challenges of drought, water budgeting and demand side water management is now increasingly essential. Watch it here
Ankur Farmer Producer Company

We are delighted to bring to you a special report by the Marathi TV news channel IBN Lokmat on 'Ankur Farmer Producer Company' promoted by WOTR. The report highlights how this Farmer Producer Company (FPC) in Dhawalpuri village of Ahmednagar district has built a farm pond, set up an agri input shop securing good quality inputs at wholesale rates as well as a more remunerative price for their produce. In addition, the FPC is also promoting group farming, vermicomposting to improve soil health, building an ‘AgroMall’ and laying a pipeline from a nearby farm pond to ensure reliable water supply to the village.  Watch it here
Latest blog post

Saafkins - A Step Towards Better Menstrual Health

The disposal of sanitary waste in India has become a burning issue in recent times. It is estimated that 113,000 tonnes of sanitary waste are generated every year. This poses severe dangers to both the environment and health, especially that of the sanitary workers. However, there are eco-friendly alternatives like Saafkins. Read more
WOTRian of the month - Eshwer Kale

"I was born in Paithan town of Aurangabad, Maharashtra. I did my graduation in computer management and after my graduation in 2003, I worked in the IT sector for a year. But, since I was voluntarily associated with an NGO named Institute of Health Management Pachod from 4th standard till my graduation, the desire to work for the society was always there inside me. It influenced me to do an MSW (Masters in Social Work) from the Karve Institute of Social Service, Pune University." Read more
Openings @WOTR

Administrative Officer

The Administrative Officer shall be responsible for all administrative operations of the organisation and to ensure the smooth day-to-day  operations at Watershed Organisation Trust (WOTR), Head Office, Pune. Prior experience in similar position will be  preferred. Interested candidates can apply to by December 15, 2018. Read more

Ecopoetry at WOTR
क्या तुम्हे पता है  परंपरा ?


क्या तुम्हे पता है  परंपरा ?


हमने बनाया  रात  को दिन दिन  को रात,


क्या तुम्हे पता है  परंपरा ?


चले बहुतरुके  नहीं ,

लड़े बहुत थके  नहीं,


क्या तुम्हे पता है  परंपरा ?


पहुँच गए है मंजिल पर ,

खड़े रहो या कुच करो,

फसले काटों,शांत रहो या

भूमि को चिरो नए बीज भरो,


क्या तुम्हे पता है  परंपरा ?


ये पेड़ बहुत सुंदर हैपर अपने आप कभी नहीं लगते फल,

कुछ खट्टे हैकुछ मिठे हैदेखो पीछे कल ..


चेहरा कुछ गिला है और हाथ हमारे मैले है,

हमने आंधीतूफान ,दुष्काल हँस हँस कर झेले है..


क्या तुम्हे पता है  परंपरा ?


संन्यास में भी कर्म होकर्म में संन्यास हो..

जिसको मिट्टी,पानी ,जंगल सबकी पीड़ा  का आभास हो...


जैसे दिखते हो  वैसे ही होआत्म कथा का आखर हो,

कोशिश करके ढूढ़ों  खुद कोशायद  सबके बाबा बाखर हो..


क्या तुम्हे पता है  परंपरा ?


डॉ. प्रियांक जोशी