The story behind our new logos

We enter a new decade in 2021 battling multiple challenges of climate change, sustainable development, degradation of ecosystems, rising inequality and a global pandemic. Our response at WOTR has been one of soul-searching and deep reflection on ‘business-as-usual’ responses and reimagining future development trajectories.

Insights from our work across India for the past 27 years, and discussions with various stakeholders, has strenghtened our belief in a systemic approach to development. Such an approach prioritises the health of the ecosystem, the aspirations of the poor and marginalised and works towards improving the capacities of local communities to equitably manage their resources and livelihoods.

With the new logos for WOTR and W-CReS, we renew and re-commit ourselves to addressing the challenges of rural poverty and the need to secure livelihoods for the poor in vibrant and sustainable ecosystems. As with all our programmes and intiatives, much thought has gone into creating these logo and we are happy to share the story behind and significance of these logos.


The WOTR logo attempts to capture the holistic endeavours we undertake to address rural poverty by enhancing the sustainability of the ecosystems people live in. It aims to highlight the systemic response of adaptive sustainable development – nature, livelihoods and wellbeing –  that WOTR, as an NGO, facilitates across scales  in collaboration with communities and various stakeholders.

The letter “O” in the logo recalls the earth, our planet, and underscores our endeavour to take our initiatives worldwide.  The logo  also identifies and acknowledges the different ecosystems- Land, Water, and Vegetation –  that work in conjunction to keep this planet alive and breathing. The space inside the letter “O” has been segregated to mark this interplay of different ecosystems and how  nurturing  each of them with  care can lead to a healthier Earth and a happier people inhabiting it. The colour palette of the logo is centred around three colours that correspond to the key focus areas, namely, Land- Ochre; Water- Blue; and  Vegetation- Green.

W-CReS Logo

W-CReS’s overall goal is to conduct rigorous trans-disciplinary, applied research that brings grounded insights and learnings to policy formulation, program design, practice, capacity building and behavioural change processes.

Keeping this in view, the W-CReS logo  speaks to  the Hand that symbolises support, protection and tenderness – it provides a stable ground for growth and development;  the Fern which  is a symbol of evolution, flexibility, resilience and health; and  Water that gives life.

The logo  brings together three mutually supporting components – the caring hand, the adaptable, flexible fern and life-supporting water, leading to balance – an essential  quality for resilience. The logo has been  designed to fill a circle. The circle is a universal symbol representing totality, wholeness, cyclic movement and, thus, nature, people and our environment.

Just like the WOTR logo , the colour palette is also centred around three colours: Blue is the colour of the sky and water – it is often associated with depth and stability; the colour Green represents renewal, nature, energy and safety; and Ochre, the colour of the earth, symbolises reliability, security, healing, and stability

The use of these logos is restricted to organisations that have an official collaborating status and only in conjunction with the work that they are undertaking for WOTR and W-CReS. If you need to use the WOTR or W-CReS logos, we would be happy to share the high-resolution files with you. Please write to us at for the same.