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The Land and the People
Bankimchandra, the visionary poet salutes the prosperity of the motherland and its rich natural resources and plentiful water. Yet, a look at the landscape of Maharashtra, hit by drought continuously for three years, makes one wonder…

Endless rows of hills dotted with black basalt rocks and stone. The bright afternoon sun flashes on the cattle paths which criss-cross the dry grass on the hillocks, making the atmosphere harsh and dry. The overwhelming heat underscores the idle fields and dismal houses on both sides of the tracks

A sudden bend in the road leading to Wanjulshet presents an unexpected surprise – and a scene in complete contrast to the local terrain. The lands look greener and the moisture in the soil soothes the eye. The continuous rows of tree plantation on the hillock, starting from the ridge of the hill to the valley, reveals the planned effort behind the planting.


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