Project Impact Assessment Report: Water Security through Community-Led Water Resource Development at Khandke Windfarm Catchment Villages in Ahmednagar and Beed districts of Maharashtra

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The impact assessment study was done to understand the impact of the project ‘Water security through community-led water resources development at Khandke catchment villages’ in 15 selected villages of the Ahmednagar and Beed districts of Maharashtra. The project has been supported by CLP Wind Farms (Khandke) Private Limited and implemented by Watershed Organization Trust (WOTR). CLP Wind Farms (Khandke) Private Limited is committed to socially responsible corporate growth. It seeks to be an active participant in the social and economic development of the communities in which it operates, while meeting the interests of all its stakeholders. On the other hand, WOTR is a globally recognized organization dedicated to transforming the lives of millions across India in participatory watershed development and eco-systems restoration, adaptive sustainable agriculture, integrated and efficient water management, and climate change adaptation, with a special emphasis on vulnerable communities, farmers, and women.


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