System of Crop Intensification


Often, when people think of drylands, they think of deserts and living conditions, economic hardship and water scarcity. But that is not what drylands are all about. If managed well, drylands are often fertile and capable of supporting the habitats, crops and livestock that sustain the entire global population.


Yet, drylands have been plagued with over-exploitation and over-utilization of vegetative cover through improper management of soil and water. The unintended consequences of up-scaling the green revolution and white revolution models into the dryland regions of the country are being felt deeply now. Such farming systems have tended to mine the soil for nutrients. This, over time, has degraded soil health considerably. Added to all these stresses is the additional burden of a changing climate that threatens the dryland farmer the most. Erratic and untimely rainfall in too huge or too less quantities can ruin any attempt at eking out a living from agriculture.


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