Watershed voices Kachner: A STORY OF RESILIENCE


The resilience of people is revealed, not in how much adversity they can endure, but in how they never cease to strive for a better life. Our land is a land of exactly this resilience, as demonstrated by the Lamani community (a Vimukt Jathi Nomadic Tribe) of Kachner, a remote tribal settlement in Marathwada, Maharashtra. Marathwada is in the dryland of Maharashtra, (in)famous for scanty and uncertain rainfall, about 550 – 600 mm on an average a year.

Drought, with its attendant ills and perils, is thus a familiar unwelcome visitor to the region. The roads of Development (quite literally) do not pass through these parts, making life here very, very tough. The condition of any of the human-life indicators here – health, nutrition, education, employment opportunities – is dismal.

But Human Life, which is what stories are made of, does exist here. And the biggest story of Kachner is about Water. Water is also today, its biggest Success Story. The merciless drought of 2012 which left village after village begging the heavens, the earth and the government for drinking water, did not affect Kachner. Kachner was the hero. It had water!


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