You gave me a chance

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‘You Gave ME a Chance’, is the voice of thousands of lives that have been transformed through the support of the Becker/Cordes Stiftung and the Rotary Clubs of Hagen-Lenne and Lippetal. The Watershed Organisation Trust (WOTR), India took up the challenge of discrimination that rural women face and its consequences on their role as mothers, on health, nutrition, gender roles, discrimination against the girl child and social stigmas.

Initiated in 2002, the ‘Responsible Parenthood and Action for Positive Change’ looked at a dream of smaller rural families and parents equipped to care for the health of their children. Women’s health became the focus for healthy children. To voice their opinion both in the family and in village decision making, required empowering women while garnering support of the men folk. She faced frequent pregnancies or repeated selective abortions in pursuit of a son, which itself challenged the existence of girls. Attention to boys diminished her identity, and this called for ‘Giving the Girls a Chance’.


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