Making Smallholder Farming Climate-smart: Integrated Agrometeorological Services

Article written by Crispino Lobo with N. Chattopadhyay and K V Rao published in the  Economic and Political Weekly (EPW) (Vol. 52, Issue No. 1 dated 07 Jan, 2017)
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Climate change is accompanied by increasing weather uncertainty. Farmers, especially smallholder farmers, need advance warning of emergent weather conditions at a local level. Mobile telecommunication systems are increasingly cost-effective and an efficient way of delivering weather-based agro-advisories to farmers at a large scale. Agrometeorological services facilitate flexible, weather-based agriculture planning and help build evidence and capacities of communities, technical and developmental agencies to plan and implement climate-adaptive responses. The relevance and innovativeness of multi-institutional collaboration lies in the institutional, technical and pedagogical strategy adopted which offers important lessons on how agrometeorological services can be organised to make smallholder farming climate-resilient on a larger scale.

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