Special feature 'Paani ka Passbook: How drought-hit Marathwada villages are budgeting every drop' published in the Forbes India Magazine

In the light of increasing water scarcity in the rural and urban areas, demand-side water management with improvements in its governance have become essential. Recognising this need, WOTR introduced the Water Stewardship Initiative (WSI) in 2015, which is currently operational in over 100 villages of Maharashtra and Telangana. To translate the concept of 'water management at community level' into 'on-ground water management practices' is challenging.

In this context, we are delighted to share an article in the 'Forbes India Magazine' that brings the impact of our work in selected villages of Marathwada. Thanks to the WSI, villagers are shifting to less water-intensive crops, taken up organic farming techniques and have water even in the summer months. A key takeaway is that for ensuring water security, along with supply-side interventions, understanding the water as common property and its management by local people is important.

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