Weathering Climate Change

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(Language: English, Duration: 8.41 mins)


“Weathering Climate Change” is a short film that describes WOTR’s Agro-Meteorology component of Climate Change Adaptation Project and some of the real-time ground experiences. This component combines locale-specific Met-advisories and Agro-advisories for timely weather information to help farmers plan their agricultural activities. Also a web based initiative, it is marked by its unique automated platform and software to provide village wise weather trends that can be widely up scaled.

The advisories and met-forecasts are shared with the communities through phone and smses.


Climate Change: Challenges

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(Eng; 5.04 mins)

Crispino Lobo, Managing Trustee, WOTR outlines the challenges of the new issue of Climate Change, that is confronting the people in rainfed regions of India, highlighting their vulnerability to erratic changes in climatic patterns and the effects in can have on these communities.