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Marathi newspaper Pudhari covers our work in Sarole Pathar

At a time when countless villages in Maharashtra are facing severe water scarcity, the village of Sarole Pathar has adequate water for its needs. The villagers have banned the drilling of new borewells and are implementing water budgeting to ensure efficient water usage. No water tanker (government or private) is providing water in the village while nearby hamlets are dependent on water tankers. WOTR has played a key role in mobilizing the community in this village.

WOTR's water budgeting exercise in Jalna gets covered in Pune Mirror

Equitable and efficient sharing of water is essential in the rain-dependent dryland regions of India, like Marathwada. WOTR has been promoting village level water management in this region, in particular Jalna district, through water budgeting and water literacy. We are delighted to inform that Pune Mirror has covered this initiative and its positive effects in the Jalna district.

Suedasien magazine carries interview with Senior Researcher Arjuna Srinidhi

We are delighted to present to you a discussion between our Senior Researcher Arjuna Srindhi and Elvira Greiner of Andheri Hilfe-Bonn, in the German magazine, Sudesian. The discussion focuses on the challenges posed by climate change, the issue of farmer suicides in India and how agriculture can be made more resilient to climate change. This interview was held in the context of the Talanoa Dialogue at COP 23 that was held in Bonn, Germany in November 2017.

WOTR's participation in an international conference “Research Frontiers in Precision Agriculture”, 24-26 October 2018 at IIT Bombay, Mumbai

IIT Bombay hosted a joint international conference AFITA/WCCA2018 on “Research Frontiers in Precision Agriculture”, 24-26 October 2018 at IIT Bombay, Mumbai. This conference was organised in association with three scientific entities – AFITA (Asia-Pacific Federation for Information Technology), INFITA (International Network for Information Technology in Agriculture) and INSAIT (Indian Society for Agricultural Information Technology).

WOTR's international consultation gets covered in Sakal Times

We are delighted to share that WOTR's International Consultation gets covered in the Sakal Times. At the consultation on 'Adapting Agriculture in Semi-arid India to a Global Temperature Rise of 1.5 °C', experts and stakeholders from different fields came together to discuss the gravity of weather variability and climate change in India and find solutions, particularly for semi-arid regions in India that are heavily dependent on monsoons.
Esakal Times

Experts call for urgent action to protect small and marginal farmers in India from a global temperature rise of 1.5 C

6th October, Pune
Pressure is mounting on governments and industries to act quickly and contain the impacts of climate
change. This week, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is meeting in Incheon,
South Korea to release its special report on a 1.5 C global temperature rise. While researchers and
academicians debate on the niceties of the Summary for Policy Makers, the vulnerable and affected
farming community is ramping up its demands for protection and incentives to continue with a severely

WOTR, with the support of Action on Climate Today (ACT) has been providing training to 'Master Trainers' appointed by State Water Literacy Centre, YASHADA

WOTR, with the support of Action on Climate Today (ACT) has been providing training to 'Master Trainers' appointed by State Water Literacy Centre, YASHADA. Two training programs for Western Maharashtra and Marathwada regions have been already conducted. Two more for Konkan and Vidarbha regions have been planned. We are looking forward to these training programs that will help spread the water literacy in Maharashtra. And also help make villages water secured with the disciplined planning of water use.

Financial Chronicle features WOTR's press release on World Environment Day

We are delighted to share that WOTR's press release on the occasion of World Environment Day,  received coverage in the Financial Chronicle, a leading Hindi newspaper. The release had warned about excessive plastic usage in agriculture and its threat to soil health, the risk of it entering the food chain and lowering commercial value of crops. 
Financial Chronicle