Community Driven Vulnerability Evaluation – Programme Designer

Climate change is already creating a host of problems for rural communities especially those dependent on climate sensitive livelihoods such as agriculture, herding, fishing, forest produce gathering, to name a few. For planners, development practitioners and researchers the challenge is to understand how a community may be vulnerable to climate change and why. With this knowledge and information, communities can be mobilised to undertake measures that help them adapt to climate change, reduce its impacts and avoid development patterns/ mal-adaptation that may make communities more vulnerable at a later date.

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Participatory Net Planning : A Practitioners Handbook

Participatory Net Planning (PNP) was born of the need to develop a practical, participation-promoting and inclusive methodology that is at the same time pedagogically and technically sound. The PNP methodology grew out of the Indo- German Watershed Development Program (IGWDP) in Maharashtra, India.

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