Watershed Development

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'थोड़ा तो सोचो'-'Think About It'

World Environment Day 2017 - A short film 'थोड़ा तो सोचो'-'Think About It'

GIS based household analysis

Socio-economic database consist of each household details in attribute form. These data items are processed and analyzed using desktop-based tool. However, a web enabled tool is designed and develop to show each households details on map. Each household from respective village is marked on cadastral map (using GPS locations or digitized manually). The household is given same ID as of given in socio-economic database. Identical household ID links geometry with attribute details and enables user to access various themes on cadastral map such as:

GIS based Net-plan

The GIS based Net-plan system has a facility to integrate plot-level attributes into geo-referenced cadastral map by importing attribute details of the updated net-plan database and linking it to cadastral maps.

GIS Services offered by WOTR

WOTR’s team can undertake detailed studies using GIS and RS technologies:

1. Impact Assessment/ Evaluation of Watershed Projects

Individual plot level analyses of a watershed: assessment of landuse changes, soil properties, groundwater level and water spread area, common property resources, etc.

Web-enabled mapping and tracking work execution through GPS-enabled Mobiles

The Muster (fortnightly work-payment sheet) is the main source of data about completion of work. Tracking work progress and ensuring that payments are done on time are some of the field challenges in Watershed Development. Geo-referencing work done on web-enabled maps can make for accuracy and transparency.

Map representations for work-done analysis

On combining net-plan with work-done, user could generate report on – what was planned and what is implemented in field. While generating report, system will fetch survey number-wise planned measures from net-plan and work executed from muster details. The same details will also get represented on map. System provides options to view map with planned activities, against a map representing activities implemented during specific period / consolidated.

Muster Preparation

Muster sheet is the basic document of any work done in the watershed. Accounts are kept on the basis of Muster payments. Musters need to be summarised and analysed for preparation of further reports. Preparation of these reports manually requires lots of time and effort (Approximately 5-6 persondays are required for preparing a muster sheet of 100 labourers working for 2 weeks).

Expert System for Project Appraisal and Verification

This software checks the Net Plan once it is fed in. It checks cost per hectare, land class v/s land use, treatments in proposed land use, length, cross section and cost of treatments, number of plants to be planted, number of units proposed.  This reduces mistakes in planning and subsequently the time lag between proposal submission and sanctioning, since Gat/Survey number-wise scrutiny is done by this software.