Womens Empowerment

Gender is a mainstay of WOTR’s work. A cross-cutting priority, Gender concerns are embedded in each and every activity. We firmly believe that while GENDER is often perceived as the favoring of women’s rights and responsibilities, it goes beyond women. Men and women, because of their gender, face different situations that oblige them to acquire different capacities and knowledge while also recognizing that they have different needs and interests. An approach that considers only the situation of women, thus, will not bring about the desired transformation.

Since Gender equality can only be achieved when men and women are equally empowered, WOTR gives emphasis to level the playing field. It does this by building up women’s social capital and management capabilities and facilitating their empowerment by organizing them into solidarity groups (SHGs). The intervention also extends to building women’s capacity to address their and their children’s concerns through health services and providing personal care advisories, and literacy, numeracy and personality development training. It also actively engages men in creating avenues for effective representation in the decision-making bodies of the village. Additionally, sister institutions of WOTR help them acquire livelihood and life skills, by providing them with financial and business development support to start and successfully manage micro-enterprises, creating avenues of access to micro-insurance, providing efficient green cooking and home lighting systems, and provisioning drinking water and sanitation that more specifically address women’s concerns.

WOTR initiates and implements various development activities that not only enhance their economic status but also reduces drudgery and burden. The Samyukta Mahila Samiti (SMS) gives them a space and voice at the village level. Financial support is provided for livelihood and income generation activities through VDCs under a separate revolving fund.



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