WOTR's participation in an international conference “Research Frontiers in Precision Agriculture”, 24-26 October 2018 at IIT Bombay, Mumbai

IIT Bombay hosted a joint international conference AFITA/WCCA2018 on “Research Frontiers in Precision Agriculture”, 24-26 October 2018 at IIT Bombay, Mumbai. This conference was organised in association with three scientific entities – AFITA (Asia-Pacific Federation for Information Technology), INFITA (International Network for Information Technology in Agriculture) and INSAIT (Indian Society for Agricultural Information Technology). Madhav Gholkar and Ajay Shelke of WOTR, were invited to participate in this significant conference on a challenging area of 'Precision Agriculture' for presenting WOTR's work in the areas of agro-meteorological services to farmers and practitioners.

The presentation titled 'AGRIMET-DSS: A WEATHER BASED DECISION SUPPORT SYSTEM FOR GENERATING DYNAMIC AGROMET ADVISORIES' was presented by Madhav Gholkar during this three day conference. It descibed WOTR’s unique AGRIMET -DSS which automates generation of weather based, crop specific agricultural advisories which are customized and localized to macro and micro geographies. In this decision support system, multiple data streams are processed in a web platform using statistical computing and are combined with the scientific information related to crop growth and behavior to determine the possible crop irrigation and nutrient requirements, pest-disease control measures etc. AGRIMET-DSS automates the process of generating dynamic (parameter driven), weather based crop and-locale specific agrometeorological advisories that are delivered in the regional language through web application, mobile SMS and soon-to-be available on mobile application.