WOTR started its operations in Rajasthan in 2008 and since then has covered 38 villages in four districts (Barmer, Dungarpur, Pratapgarh and Udaipur). Currently, WOTR is working in 3 villages of the Gogunda taluka of Udaipur district and 3 villages in the Sapotara taluka of the Karauli district.

Updates of 2017-2018

  • 77 ha of land under the soil and water conservation work
  • 15 minor structures built
  • 185 people benefitted from drinking water interventions
  • 9,030 saplings planted as part of afforestation work
  • 2,875 days of person days’ work generated

Ongoing Projects

There are currently two projects ongoing in Rajasthan. They are as follows:

  • Participatory Natural Resource Management along watershed lines in the Tribal belt of South Rajasthan.
  • The Livelihood project.

The list includes engagement with government programmes like the MGREGA, the Department of Water Resources of Government of Maharashtra and aid agencies and CSR departments. For a full list of projects, see here

Case Studies – 2017-2018

Case-study: Access to drinking water using alternate energy

In Rajasthan, WOTR set up a solar-drinking water system in the village of Modwa, in Udaipur district. Prior to this, the main source of water was an old well with crumbling walls and steps for reaching the water. The steps were essentially small rocks protruding from well walls and slippery leading to many accidents over the years.

To bring relief and reduce the drudgery of women, WOTR decided to solve the problems of the people in two phases. In the first phase, WOTR set up a fully-automatic solar-operated motor pump in 2016. This pump draws water from a nearby well and stores it in an overhead tank. In the second phase, in 2017, a second such solar-operated motor pump was installed thus reducing the problems of the people. The water in the tank fills up during the day and is distributed through taps thus providing a safe and healthy source of drinking water for the women of Modwa without any risk of accidents to them and children.

The solar operated drinking water system in Modwa, Rajasthan. Photo: Isha Fuletra



Alternate energy for pumping water

Women in the village of Modwa, Rajasthan for decades struggled with the lack of a nearby water source. They had to travel some distance to fetch water from a well, which was in disrepair, thus endangering their own lives. However, a solar-operated system has changed their lives for the better.




Watershed Development in India: Economic Valuations and Adaptation Considerations

This paper examines how economic valuation can improve our understanding of watershed development and how to overcome challenges related to data collection, valuing direct and indirect benefits, and climate change adaptation.




Mera Shadwal (My Oasis)

In the award-winning film, ‘Mera Shadwal’ (My Oasis), we showcase how WOTR’s interventions have made a major difference to the lives of the people in the villages of Rajasthan. From being poverty stricken and struggling for water, now these villages have experienced an improved quality of life.




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