Why Agriculture

Land degradation and unsustainable agriculture practices have led to a loss of productivity which is fuelling rural poverty. In fact, agriculture productivity in India is amongst the lowest in the world.

And agriculture in the rainfed parts of the country is far less productive than irrigated areas – with crop yields at a third of the national average. While farmers in irrigated areas earn 60 percent of their income from agriculture, farmers in rainfed areas earn only 20-30 per cent from farm-related activities.

Our Interventions

WOTR enhances farm productivity and profitability; makes farming practices climate resilient and nature friendly; and works with communities to arrest land degradation. Our climate resilient agriculture approach helps farmers mitigate risks of climate change, reduce the cost of cultivation, increase productivity and enhance their adaptive capacities.

Our Impact

increase in area
under triple cropping

increase in
horticulture coverage

Farmer Producer Companies established benefitting over 6,500 farmers

increase in agriculture productivity

Program Highlights

FarmPrecise: A mobile application to make farmers climate-resilient

System of Crop Intensification: a quick guide

Making Smallholder Farming Climate Smart: EPW article

Making Agriculture Climate Smart: a compendium of weather based advisories

Our Achievements

Dr. Punjabrao Deskmukh
Krishi Ratna Award

WOTR was awarded Maharashtra State’s highest award in Agriculture by the Government of Maharashtra in 2010

JEEViKA Excellence in Innovation

WOTR was recognised for excellence in innovation in Agriculture in 2014, by JEEViKA, in collaboration with State Innovation Council, Bihar

India Geospatial
Excellence Award

WOTR was awarded in 2014 by the India Geospatial Forum for the Application of Geospatial Technology in Agriculture

11th mBillionth South Asia Awards

WOTR received a special mention for its FarmPrecise Mobile App in 2020-21

Vasantrao Naik Puraskar 2012

WOTR was recognised for excellent work in rural development

Rise of a changemaker

Santosh Salve saved Rs 25,000 by replacing chemical fertilizer and pesticide with home-made vermicompost, and has restored the nutrients in his soil as a result. All thanks to WOTR who took him through a step-by-step training to start a vermicompost unit and provided him with a starter culture of earthworms. But this was just the beginning and today, thanks to WOTR, Santosh is not only a progressive farmer but a thought leader in his community.