ECOBARI: Ecosystem based Adaptation for Resilient Incomes

ECOBARI: Ecosystem based Adaptation for Resilient Incomes

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What is ECOBARI?

ECOBARI is a multi-stakeholder collaborative that facilitates the joint action of committed individuals and institutions, representatives of Government, Civil Society Organisations, Businesses, Brands, Academia, NGOs, and Media to enable communities to conserve their local biodiversity, and restore and sustainably manage their natural resources aligned with the ecosystem they live in.


Why was it set up?

The idea of ECOBARI emerged from a series of workshops organized by WOTR, W-CReS and TMG Research GmbH, held in Maharashtra between 2019 and 2021. The workshops looked at Ecosystem based Adaptation as an approach to achieve the UN 2030 agenda and reverse the problem of expanding land degradation, build resilience to the increasing climate risks and the challenges faced by rural communities. The workshops exposed the problem of multiple organisations working in isolation and the urgent need to collaborate, cross learn and assimilate the work of various ministries and departments of the government, the corporate and donor sector, research institutions, practitioners, communities and others work to build resilience of rural communities in the face of climate change.


ECOBARI Launch: 19th November, 2021

WOTR, IDH and partners came together to launch ECOBARI, a Collaborative to promote Nature-based and Nature-positive Solutions through Ecosystem Based Adaptation for Resilient Incomes. ECOBARI brings together individuals and institutions, representatives of Government, civil society organisations, businesses, academia, financial institutions, funds, NGOs and media to pool in resources (human, material and financial), and empower communities to enhance their income, while conserving the local biodiversity, restoring and sustainably managing their natural resources aligned with the ecosystem they live in. This initiative takes on even more significance as world leaders and climate change experts have urged positive action on several pressing issues, from emission reduction targets to ecosystems restoration and climate adaptation strategies, at COP26 for operationalising the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.


What challenges does it address?

The challenges posed by climate change have multiple implications for human beings and the ecology. The wide range of associated climate risks necessitates that all people, particularly the vulnerable, build resilience while maintaining the health of the ecosystems they live in. Vulnerable groups need comprehensive support to build adaptive capacities. As the context of each ecosystem is unique, support needs to be tailored and facilitated for each. With a focus on the sustainable management of ecosystems by the local community and a significant positive impact on incomes, one needs to go beyond stand-alone projects, to offering step-by-step support to communities.


How it will work?

Key approaches
Although the approach is an ever evolving one based on the context, ECOBARI brings together stakeholders from diverse sectors to:

  • Foster collaboration across sectors and all stakeholders through engagement with policy circles, private sector, scientists and researchers, and practitioner agencies to facilitate action locally and at scale.
  • Build EbA awareness on the need for action by different stakeholders (decision makers, policy and programme formulators, corporate sector, media, academic and research institutes) at all levels in India and beyond.
  • Create and evolve a contextual toolkit of adaptation-oriented services and organise learning, training and capacity building events for stakeholders. This is enhanced by knowledge and information from inter-disciplinary action and applied research which is disseminated to reach stakeholder groups across the spectrum.
  • Contribute towards policy, practice and capacity building – By collaborating and working with scientific, technical and academic institutions, governance entities, implementation entities, individual experts and others.
  • Undertake fundraising activities for the mandate of the collaborative and the EbA related works of its members.

What is ECOBARI’s ambition?


Empowered communities sustainably regenerate and manage their ecosystems, conserve biodiversity, derive resilient incomes and improve their quality of life through nature based and nature positive solutions, as they adapt to climate change


To be a leading platform that grounds Ecosystem-based Adaptation at scale through ‘science-practice-business’ partnerships, policy enablement and resource provisioning, so as to achieve the SDGs, the Land Degradation Neutrality and Paris/Glasgow commitments.

Rural Communities

What are our expected outcomes?

ECOBARI will motivate, capacitate and equip stakeholders across the spectrum to empower communities, particularly the marginalised and women, to meet their food, nutrition and livelihood needs and secure resilient incomes through investable business models. These business models focus on restoration, protection and sustainable management of ecosystem services (green and inclusive growth) while efficiently adapting to effects of climate change. This will help India meet its SDGs, LDN targets, Paris Agreement and other Nationally Determined Commitments.

How will ECOBARI be governed?

The Secretariat of ECOBARI is hosted at Watershed Organisation Trust (WOTR), the Founder Promoter and Convener, in coordination with IDH, The Sustainable Trade Initiative, the Co-Convenor. Policy will be set down by the Founding partners/Steering Committee; the day-to-day management will be handled by the secretariat with the support of an Advisory Committee consisting of various experts.

How do I get Involved?

If you are involved in enabling communities to conserve their local biodiversity, and restore and sustainably manage their natural resources aligned with the ecosystem they live in, we would be delighted to have you on board. The ECOBARI membership charter is available here. You can request for ECOBARI Membership by filling up this form. For more information you can write to us at

Founding Members

Founding Members

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