Why Livelihoods?

85% of India’s farmers own land less than 2 hectares and practice subsistence farming amidst degraded natural resources and erratic weather. Lack of reliable income options not only impacts the community’s well being but also leads to challenges such as poverty and distress migration.

There is a need to reduce the overdependence on traditional agriculture by introducing viable alternatives. The diversification from agriculture into other Agro-based livelihoods, rural enterprises and non-farm sectors is an important source of income, economic growth and transformation not just for rural India, but for the whole economy as well.

Our Interventions

WOTR is empowering rural communities by helping them explore and leverage the agri-allied and other non-farm livelihood options. We provide handholding support to our communities by educating them and building their capacity to adopt various livelihood alternatives. WOTR aims to diversify the sources of people’s income and help them manage risk in agriculture.

Our Impact

new enterprises started with a focus on livelihood diversification

increase in non-farm incomes

livelihood training and exposure visits conducted in 2019-20, covering over 500 participants

decline in distress migration

Program Highlights

Watershed Development, Resilience and
Livelihood Security: An Empirical Analysis

A Journey Travelled Together For Creating Sustainable Communities in Odisha

Addressing Household Energy Needs the
Clean Fuel Way:

Building Capacities of villagers

Our Achievements

Award for Innovation in Technology

Presented by Maharashtra State Rural Livelihood Mission (MSRLM), 2014

Vasantrao Naik Puraskar 2012

WOTR received this award for excellent work done in rural development

Land award 2017

Received for innovations and efforts for achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), in particular, SDG 15.3 -Life on Land

Social Entrepreneurship Award

Mr. Crispino Lobo, Co-Founder and Managing Trustee of WOTR, received the prestigious award in November 2005, from the Schwab Foundation, Switzerland

JSW-TOI Earth Care Award, 2010 (Commendation)

WOTR received a “Commendation” with a Memento under the category – “Community Based Mitigation and Adaptation to Climate Change”

Kamlakola takes charge

The untimely death of her husband, the primary earning member of the family, had left Kamalakola devastated. The responsibility of taking care of the entire family fell on her shoulders. Kamalakola was confused and scared of her future until one of her neighbours told her about WOTR’s implementation of HDFC Bank’s Holistic Rural Development Program.
Today she is a confident and financially independent woman earning a daily profit of Rs 200 from her grocery shop. HRDP has changed Kamalakola’s life.