Health, Sanitation & Nutrition

Health, Sanitation & Nutrition

Why Health, Sanitation & Nutrition?

Amongst multiple factors affecting people’s health in rural areas, sanitation and nutrition play a crucial role. For instance, more than 50% of women in rural India are malnourished and anaemic. While several government initiatives and schemes have been launched to promote better health, sometimes the facilities are not easily accessible in the remote terrains of rural India.

Good health is the foundation of a thriving, progressive society. WOTR is working with and for communities to foster healthy lifestyles and improve access to good health in rural areas.

Our Interventions

By adopting a collaborative approach, WOTR is sensitizing community members to adopt healthy practices and support them with facilities such as clean drinking water and growth monitoring for children. We promote good nutrition to mitigate anemia, specifically in adolescent girls and women while also focusing on building physical and mental health awareness by collaborating with government and like-minded organisations.

Our Impact

people impacted by overall health initiatives across 216 villages

drinking water units installed in schools across 167 villages

children covered under Child Growth Monitoring in 2019-20

Anemia detection camps benefitting 11,424 men, women and children in 2019-20

Program Highlights

Making Sanitation a Clean Habit: a research report

Chimanchara: a book on nutrition

Food and Nutrition Security and Climate Change

Ecologic: food & nutritional security

Our Achievements

Nirmal Gram Puraskar

Awarded to WOTR by the Government of India in 2008

Citadel Achievement Award

Mr. Crispino Lobo was honored with the award for exemplary work in the social development sector in August 2008

Vasantrao Naik Puraskar 2012

Awarded to WOTR for excellent work done in rural development areas

Kyoto World Water Grand Prize 2009

WOTR won the prize during the 5th World Water Forum in Istanbul, Turkey

Using the sun to fetch water

The residents of village Modwa were facing a deep water crisis for a long period. The common well in the village, the only source of potable water, was crumbling due to poor maintenance.
In 2016, WOTR used solar pumps to resolve the drinking water issue in this small village of Rajasthan. Today the villagers have clean water supply through taps and they don’t have to worry about fetching water from the well.