Using the Sun to Fetch Water

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December, 2021

Using the Sun to Fetch Water

Using the Sun to Fetch Water

Drinking water availability was always a challenge in the village Modwa, in Udaipur district of Rajasthan. The only source of potable water was the old well in the village. Years of poor maintenance of this well had made its boundary walls crumble. The approach steps were covered with moss, making it extremely slippery and dangerous. The poor infrastructure had led to numerous accidents in the past – mostly women who regularly fetched water from the well.

In 2016, WOTR started its intervention (in consultation with VDC), to solve the problem by using alternate sources of energy. The project was divided into two phases. During the first phase, the team installed a fully automated solar pump to draw water from the well and store it in the overhead tank. A year later, in the second phase, another similar solar pump was installed to increase the amount of water supply.

Today, every household in Modwa village has a well-distributed water supply facility. And guess who is the happiest? It’s the women!

Wardibai, one of the local residents, remembers the hard, old summer days. “The distance to the well was not much, but incredibly painful. Today, we get water supply through taps. It is such a big comfort for us.” Her smile is precious.

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