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Effectiveness Of Group Micro Irrigation Model for Ground Water Resources in India

Because of the country’s widespread water shortages, microirrigation systems have become more popular, and their use has had a positive impact on both the economy and society of the nation. Crop yields, energy usage, and the use of chemical fertilisers and pesticides are all benefits that can be seen. Additionally, it provides benefits like avoiding groundwater resources in India exploitation, lowering weeding expenses, and relief from labour migration brought on by water shortage. 

Due to proximity and focused application, this technology has many advantages over traditional water application techniques. Which are:

(i) Micro-irrigation technology enables up to a 90% water consumption efficiency. This is possible because micro-irrigation dramatically lowers losses from conveyance, runoff, evaporation, seepage, and deep percolation. The water that is saved can be used to expand the area that is irrigated or to reclaim degraded or waste land;

(ii) Small wells can also be employed as a source because low flow rates are necessary; this can result in energy savings of up to 30.5%. The anticipated power savings could be put to use in other industries.

(iii) Direct fertiliser application to the roots reduces fertiliser consumption by up to 28.5%. Long-term effects on achieving land productivity result from this;

(iv) The crop yield has increased, with the productivity of crops and fruits increasing by 42.4% and that of vegetables by 52.7%, respectively. This guarantees a fair financial return for the higher returns.

(v) Due to the improved water situation and ground water level in India, farmers can prudently add more new crops, and it was projected that up to 30.4% of farmers have done so;

(vi) Farmers’ income has increased as a result of more targeted and prudent water use. The same study examined the effects of micro-irrigation in 13 distinct districts, and it was discovered that Gujarat experienced the biggest percentage rise in farmer income (68%) and that the average income across all 13 districts was up to 42%.

Consequently, micro-irrigation has been regarded as a cutting-edge technology for the expansion of sustainable agriculture. Know more about group micro irrigation in the sources of irrigation water pdf.