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There are many ways you can help WOTR — from supporting a cause through donations to our activities and interventions in rural India and help transform the lives of millions or by working with us to create sustainable ecosystems and combat poverty.

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Are you passionate about tackling poverty, managing water and other natural resources, climate proofing agriculture and diversifying livelihoods, conserving biodiversity or working on women’s empowerment? At WOTR, we do all these and more, and you can support our work in many different ways. From financially supporting the empowerment of Indian farmers to contributing your valuable time and skills, from working with us or contributing your skills in an advisory capacity or subscribing to the latest happenings here, we’ve got you covered.

Water Land Manage


Join our mission to create sustainable ecosystems and combat poverty with your unique skills and expertise! We always welcome application from the right candidates. See our Careers Page for available vacancies.


WOTR has had interns from across India and the world, and we have always valued the energy and perspectives they have brought. You don’t need to be an expert, but passion for our work is a must!
Water Land Manage

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