The Water Governance Standard

Making Water Everybody's Business

  • 600 million Indians face high to extreme water stress, according to NITI Aayog. Since independence, freshwater per capita has decreased 70%. India’s water crisis is galloping. If we want to meet our needs and nature’s sustainably, we must change our behaviour and attitude toward water.
  • The Water Governance Standard (WGS), designed and developed jointly by WOTR and W-CReS, and supported by IDH, is a groundbreaking methodology that aims to incentivise and nudge rural communities and investors alike to adopt water-smart attitudes and behaviours, while also channelising the necessary financial and technical resources to these communities.
  • The WGS rates communities based on their water management and governance practices, with ratings ranging from Bronze to Platinum, and provides communities with a “water score”, much as a “credit score” reflects the creditworthiness of a person. In doing so, it seeks to catalyse competitive dynamics in rural communities and uncover promising water investment opportunities that can deliver sustained benefits to both communities and investors, alike.
  • The WGS also helps identify areas for improvement in a community’s overall water management and governance.


The Water Govermance Standard

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